The Digital Challenge

It’s almost impossible to significantly grow or improve a business without the effective adoption of digital technology. Digital technologies therefore present a huge opportunity to all businesses in Cumbria, regardless of their size, sector or location - the possibilities are huge.

The problem is that although most small businesses recognise the need to adopt digital technology they often struggle to find the time and don’t have access to the knowledge required to:

  • Identify which technologies could add value to their business

  • Judge which options offer value for money and will deliver the highest return on investment.

  • Understand how different technologies will integrate with their existing systems and processes.

  • Implement and manage the technology on an ongoing basis.

The support under Digital Cumbria will help you to:

  • Be more agile and flexible in your business;

  • Work remotely whilst still effectively managing and motivating your staff;

  • Ensure you maintain your customer presence and brand engagement;

  • Understand your transferrable skill sets so that you can harness new market opportunities;

  • Attract and retain staff;

  • Operate more efficiently, reducing costs so you can deliver more for less

With the expertise of our Digital Technology Consultants, Digital Cumbria is here to help you identify and implement the solutions that are right for you, so you can save time and make more money.